An angel in matrics

Assalamualaikum and selamat bersahur gaiss ☺ This entry was wrote to appreciate my best friend on her birthday, 17th June.

Dear Nik Najah Ramiz Yaaziz, 2 sem in Matriculation let you know me well, you know how grumpy am i, how fierce am i (even lion afraid of me) and how i can't stop talking as malay proverb said, mulut murai, yet you're still there whenever i need you. You never tired of being my friend (idk if you do) 😂 and im so thankful to have you as my friend even though sometimes you annoyed me, but please know your annoying shows how innocence you are which means you are one of the kind creatures in the world (Oh god! What am i doing here praising her) 😂😂😂 Well, you deserves those praise from me because i can't denied, you are a kind and good person ive ever met. Honestly, i miss every moment ive spent with you, its precious and i cant get it again. i am sorry for my bad behaviour towards u and for all the wrongdoings ive done. I am sorry if ive talk bad about you. I am sorry for always scolding you. I am sorry if ever ive bullied you (i dont think so). I am sorry for not doing what a best friend should do. I am sorry if ever u think i left u for a new friend. I am sorry for everything. Please, please and please forgive me. Happy birthday baby 🌸 Here is my wishes for you on WeChat and Instagram.

" Let me throwback to the first week in kmpp, it was bad to know im not in the same class with naza, and fyi im the type of a girl yg tkkan mulakan perkenalan but when i do u will regret talking to me 😂 so this one girl start her chat by saying hi to me and im still me, with my ignorance face and i didnt expected she hv a thought that i was the kindest person in the world HAHAHA next to know she was my classmate, specifically my practicum (consists of four of us) and we three get closer (bcs another one is boy) where we spent most of the time together. You are the first friend that i bring back at home. Oh, and qilah. But time goes, Mera pindah, while you and me (or its only me) start having new friend. We rarely sit together, and all the story go to the end of semester 2, we two get close, spend most of the night together, i miss how we spent the time talking to each other for hours hm, and here, it was actually an appreciation post for u for being such a good friend and to tell the world that u are the kindest person ive ever met eventhough sometime you annoyed me, but ur annoying shows that ure good. Happy birthday baby, pls know that deep in my heart i actually love you and i neverrr ever regret for having u in my life. ure one of the best chapter. I hope ure doing well and good luck in ur future. 🌸"

"It was too much to say that I need to clear them up (bcs of the limited space) and to think another simple sentences to let the whole world know how kind u are n how much i miss u. Happy birthday my very annoying person of life 🌸 I hope u wont forget ur singa best friend (can i call myself ur-best-friend?) Ps: long wishes will be on my blog and sorry bcs i couldnt found pretty picture of us as ive transfer them into laptop"


ps: i tried to put an image but i cant make it so hm. Bai.

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